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LEGO UCS AT-AT now available for purchase

At long last, the UCS AT-AT is officially available! Following a year full of rumor after rumor on its release and being officially unveiled earlier in the month, the largest Star Wars kit of 2021 can finally be assembled. Head below for all of the details on buying the LEGO UCS AT-AT for yourself and grabbing the Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber gift with purchase along the way.

Bring the AT-AT Walker to your LEGO UCS collection

Entering as the largest Star Wars creation of the year, the AT-AT lives up to its UCS status with an impressive assortment of over 6,785 pieces. That allows it to stand 25 inches tall while measuring 28 inches long with plenty of details to bring this kit to life. Plus on top of all the display-worthy features on the outside, there’s a furnished interior fit to hold upwards of 40 minifigures. You can also get a closer look at the details in our launch coverage.

And because this is a troop transport after all, the LEGO Group includes nine minifigures to fill out the set. You’re getting eight figures on the Imperial side of things, with a pair of AT-AT Drivers pairing with General Veers. Then there’s an assortment of four Snowtroopers with an all-new Snowtrooper Commander. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget that Luke Skywalker rounds out the set.

With the new UCS AT-AT launching on Black Friday, the LEGO Group is looking to celebrate the debut of the massive creation by bundling in a little something extra. Added on as a free gift with purchase, the exclusive Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber will be included for a limited time. This 173-piece creation quite simply assembles a brick-built version of the iconic weapon from a more civilized age complete with a display stand and plaque.

Now available for Black Friday!

Launching right at midnight Eastern on November 26, the LEGO UCS AT-AT is now available for purchase at $799.99. The LEGO Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber promo will be automatically added to your cart while supplies last, though there’s no telling just how long stock will last in either case.

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