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LEGO Probe Droid is one of the most unqiue Star Wars sets

It’s May the 4th, and while LEGO’s Star Wars Day promotion rages on, we’re turning our attention to one of the latest creations from a galaxy far, far away. Debuting as the newest set inspired by Empire Strikes Back, the new Imperial Probe Droid stacks up to over 680 pieces while assembling the latest buildable character from the Star Wars universe. But does this kit stack up to a model that’s worth putting on display? Head below for all of the details on the LEGO Imperial Probe Droid.

Hands-on with the LEGO Imperial Probe Droid

As the latest addition to the LEGO buildable droid series, the new Imperial Probe Droid stacks up to 683 pieces. While that makes it one of the smallest of the collection so far, the build itself stands over 10 inches tall in order to give the set a real presence when up on display.

Just like we’ve come to expect from the series, there is an included display plaque that showcases some information about the Imperial Probe Droid in the Star Wars universe. Uniquely to this set, though, is a little terrain build that gives the droid a more stable way to stand up. Recreating some of the snowy ground on Hoth, the LEGO Group did a great job turning what is effectively a display stand into part of the diorama. Little bits of ice have made their way onto the plaque in what is just one of the many things that elevate this creation.

But as for the Probe Droid itself, the build also strays from what we’ve seen in the past. To give off the bot’s floating presence in the film, there are a series of translucent bricks that elevate it off of the snowy base. That clear structure is actually designed to be removed, so you can display the Probe Droid amongst the rest of your LEGO collection without the add-on build should you want to, as well.


With the Imperial Probe Droid being such an oddly shaped robot from the Star Wars galaxy, the LEGO designer who worked on this one didn’t have an easy task bringing it into the brick-built world. But all of the essential elements are have been incorporated pretty well. There are a total of six arms that all dangle from the bottom, each one featuring a different clamp or tool. Some are entirely posable for recreating different scenes, and others are more static, but the result gives the model its iconic look from the Empire Strikes Back.

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