LEGO Build Your Own City adds even more customization

LEGO is all about encouraging builders to create their own models, and a new Build Your Own City set is taking that to a new level. With the ability to choose from a selection of buildings, vehicles, and minifigures, you’ll be able to design a customized City creation complete with unique box art. Head below for all of the details.

LEGO teases new Build Your Own City set

After unveiling a potential upcoming set in the form of a Mindstorms Porsche at the beginning of the month, LEGO’s online Lab site is back with another unique experience that’s letting builders design their own brick-built city kit from the ground up.

Centered around a new online tool, you’ll be able to choose from a batch of pre-selected buildings, vehicles, minifigures, and even animals to design an entirely custom LEGO City kit. The current builds you can choose from assemble everything from a fire station and bank to a food stand, outdoor celebration, and more. There’s a total of six main builds to choose from, which can then be supplemented by nine vehicles and 11 minifigures.

Some of the characters included here range from a classic firefighter to a doctor, surfer girl, race car driver, and more. So there’s actually a pretty diverse list of figures you’ll be able to pick from. LEGO completes the customization by giving you the option to add in a horse, cougar, cat, or dog.

As you select which characters and builds you’d like in the set, the box art will update with the selected additions. You can actually rearrange everything through the whole process, which adds yet another level of customization. Given that this Build Your Own City set just launched, there’s no confirmation, but it looks like each kit will ship with the custom box art.

There’s also quite a bit of police-themed builds here, which has long been a staple of the LEGO City theme. Though 2020 has rightfully shown LEGO back off that aspect of the sets, at least here in the US. But with that not being the case this time around, the limited availability of this Build Your Own City promotion make a lot more sense considering it’s currently not accessible in America.

Unfortunately right now, the ability craft your own set has only been rolled out in Denmark. You can get a closer look at everything on this landing page here, but the actual process to design your own set is locked behind a geo-filter for the time being. Much like the Mindstorms Porsche, we can expect to see this launched in some capacity in the future for United States builders if the initial rollout proves successful for LEGO.

No matter how you end up configuring the set, pricing is set at around $75 (or 649 Swedish Krona over in Denmark). Part count will vary based on which creations you fill the LEGO Build Your Own City with.

9to5Toys’ Take

As disappointing as it is that this initial rollout is only for builders over in Denmark, it’s great to see LEGO continue to step outside of what we’ve come to expect for new creations. Sure it would be great for there to be a greater selection of buildings, vehicles, and minifigures to choose from, especially ones that aren’t centered around the police. But considering this is more of a test phase than the full launch, we can hope that LEGO will offer more whenever this build your own city set comes stateside.

But for now, we’ll just have to stay content with the selection of LEGO City kits that are currently available as well as the awesome City Main Square set that launched earlier this fall.

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