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Learn how Stripe, Slack, and Xero tackle cross-border expansions at #tiasg2017

For many startup founders, they aspire to build a company that dominates globally. Once a startup wins its local market, it will naturally look to new markets by following a well-established international expansion roadmap. Increasingly, investors and incubators are also focused on companies with cross-border growth potential, providing more opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their global outreach.

Even so, few have been successful trying to enter new markets as the process and intricacies of cross-border expansions remain complicated. Among the many notable brands that have gone global, these three companies have risen above the rest with their success in regional and international dominance, making a name for themselves in their respective industries.

Be sure to catch them at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017’s Revenue Stage on May 18 as they unveil the secrets of building a thriving cross-border business!

Stripe’s focus on corporate partnerships

Despite competition from payment giants such as Visa and PayPal, Stripe has continued to grow and expand its operations globally. Currently, Stripe accepts 135 currencies and supports payments in 24 countries – though they have set their sights on eventually supporting 200 countries.

Stripe’s success is due in no small part to their strong focus on partnerships with large companies to help process payments outside of the United States. Partnering with large corporates has helped Stripe to access their global footprint, accelerating its expansion into markets around the world. They’re definitely giving its competitors a tough fight and have made an incredible mark in digital payments space for such a young startup!

Slack’s explosive word-of-mouth growth

When Slack was founded in 2014, it filled up a gap in the workplace communication space. In a little over three years, Slack’s worth has gone from zero to USD3.8 billion – not to mention becoming a unicorn in just eight months! Adding four million daily active users, and 1.25 million paid customers — mostly based on word-of-mouth, there’s no question that Slack is one of the most viral business apps of all time.

As Slack continues to grow, their global footprint is expanding too. Out of the four million daily active users, half of them are from outside of North America. Through investing in startups to build apps and fill the holes in its existing productivity suites, it improved Slack’s functionality and allowed for faster adoption by companies internationally.

Xero’s global vision

Since emerging in 2006, Xero has an excellent track record with cross-border expansions, first claiming the market leading position in its native New Zealand, then Australia and subsequently the United Kingdom. That’s not to mention their increasing presence in Asia, where there’s an enormous potential for cloud revolution among small businesses. Xero is used by small businesses in more than 180 countries around the world.

Setting its vision firmly international right from the start, Xero caught the eye of investors who backed them with USD150 million in 2013, and USD110 million in 2015 for them to penetrate into the US and UK markets. Since then, Xero has grown from strength to strength and has recently surpassed one million subscribers globally.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity

One of the biggest watch-outs when expanding your business into foreign soil is to do your homework well. If expansion is in your pipeline, you’re in for a treat because the APAC leaders of Stripe, Slack and Xero will be holding a cross-border panel at Tech In Asia Singapore 2017’s Revenue Stage on May 18!

With their wealth of experience, the speakers will provide global market insights and expert tips to help you expand and monetize your cross-border business in the current economy. Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 is happening in six days time. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!

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