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‘Keurig for yogurt’ startup hits Kickstarter

Photo credit: Yomee.

An experienced gadget-making entrepreneur is hitting Kickstarter today with his Keurig-style gizmo for easy homemade yogurt.

Ashok Jaiswal has priced the Yomee yogurt maker at US$99, replete with 20 pods for four weeks worth of yogurt.

Yomee turns the milk of your choice into chilled yogurt in six hours. It’s configured through a companion app:

Jaiswal, based in Hong Kong, had a hit a few years ago with Ezeecube, a media storage gadget aimed at families. After moving on from that business, he felt that he was ready for something totally different.

“Now hardware is not a challenge,” he told Tech in Asia a few months back. So he wanted to leap into a business that involves food. That’s because “food tech will change the world,” not least due to the supersized scale of the markets involved – the worldwide yogurt industry alone is worth US$85 billion.

Photo credit: Yomee.

The entrepreneur is undeterred by the demise earlier this month of Juicero, the US$400 web-connected juicer that basically just smooshed a bag of chopped fruit, because he reckons that yogurt is hard to make at home – even with the yogurt makers already on the market. Indeed, many people don’t even realize, he says, that yogurt can be made at home.

“Some store-bought yogurt has more sugar than a Twinkie,” says co-founder and marketing boss Tu-Hien Le. So making it at home is a healthier option.

Aside from Yomee’s US$28,000 Kickstarter goal to help ship the gadget by April 2018, Jaiswal has raised US$350,000 from unspecified investors.

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