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Just when you thought fidget spinners were done, someone made a freaking DIY lightsaber out of them

The fidget spinner trend might have died down a while ago but Youtube user Riku, uploaded a video last Friday that has us all wanting to revive it. 

In the video Riku creates an insane DIY fidget spinner sword that actually has compressed air attached to spin the spinners. 

Imagine a weapon that could destroy things simply by brushing against it, kind of like a lightsaber. 

Riku attached over 40 fidget spinners to a long pole and fastened an air compressor to the weapon. When he presses the air compressor handle the force causes all the fidget spinners to start spinning dangerously fast. The whole thing took him three days.

Riku demonstrated the weapon’s power by destroying a large bottle and some wine glasses, which all shattered in slow motion glory.

You shouldn’t expect a glowing sword with sound effects, but this DIY weapon is still really ingenious. Lets hope he doesn’t join the dark side of the force.  

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