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It’s Official: COVID-19 Creates a Larger Surface Area for Cyberattacks

Ever since it was declared a global pandemic, experts have warned that COVID-19 will put increased strain on security teams by creating more variables and attack surfaces. Now, according to VMware Carbon Black, it is official. Their most recent Global Incident Response Report, revealed that COVID-19 continues to create a larger surface area for cyberattacks.

More than half (53%) of all respondents encountered or observed an increase related to the pandemic.

  • 53% of IR professionals we surveyed encountered or observed an increase in cyberattacks exploiting COVID-19.
  • A third of respondents (33%) encountered instances of attempted counter IR in the 90 days before they took the survey – a 10% increase from the previous report.
  • 51% of respondents saw attacks from China in the 90 days before this survey was held, followed by North America (40%) and Russia (38%).
  • More than half of attacks (51%) in the 90 days prior to this survey have been on the financial sector
  • 33% of attacks shows signs of lateral movement

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