Is This the End of Windows 7?

Windows 10 is now the world’s number one desktop operating system, as it managed to overtake Windows 7 in terms of global market share, according to data provided by NetMarketShare.

Specifically, Windows 10 now has a market share of 39.22 percent, while Windows 7 is the runner-up with 36.90 percent.

Without a doubt, it was all just a matter of time until Windows 10 snatched the leading place, but on the other hand, it certainly took longer for the whole thing to happen than even Microsoft anticipated.

Back in 2015 when it launched Windows 10, Microsoft offered the new operating system as a free upgrade for devices that were running Windows 7 and 8.1. Basically, these machines were allowed to install Windows 10 at no extra cost as long as they were powered by a genuine copy of Windows, and the goal was as clear as possible.

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