Is Bioware's Anthem Good or Bad? Nobody Seems to Know

People finally had a chance to play Bioware’s Anthem, and there is still some dispute whether the game is good, bad or anything in between.

There is something wrong with Anthem, but I can’t put my finger on it, and I can’t pinpoint what’s not working, exactly. Sure, people trying to play it encountered all sorts of technical problems that persisted for the entire duration of the VIP demo. But let’s back up a little bit.

In case you didn’t already know, Electronic Arts and Bioware allowed a select few to play the Anthem demo, which is all good. In fact, it’s nice to see that they have enough confidence in their game to let people try it ahead of time.

On the other hand, with games like Anthem, a public demo is kind of a requirement. And by games like Anthem, I mean Destiny 2, The Division, Warframe, and all the rest in the same category. While it’s classified as a third-person shooter, it’s a team-based PvE game, that revolves around micro-transactions.

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