iPhone XS Review – Razzmatazz

iPhones have always been spectacular devices, despite their more difficult times. Even the iPhone X, which was pretty much the most controversial iPhone released in a long time, particularly due to the notch, ended up becoming quite a trend-setter.

Back in 2017 when Apple launched the iPhone X, many people were shocked to find out that Cupertino was asking no less than $999 for the base configuration.

Despite the super-high price, iPhone X was a hit. And in Apple’s mind, it paved the way for an even more expensive successor that eventually arrived the past September.

iPhone XS is available starting at $999 as well, but this time it comes with more storage versions, which obviously adds some extra dollars to its final price. However, given that Apple pulled the plug on the iPhone X entirely, it’s the only 5.8-inch notched iPhone you can get right now, though the parent company has tried to give customers more choices with the relea… (read more)

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