iPhone Could Finally Get Android-Like Fast Charging

iPhone 8 and iPhone X already come with some sort of fast charging, but as many people found out the hard way, it’s not exactly the kind of fast charging that you typically find on high-end Android phones.

And yet, this is where Apple is aiming to go with the new-generation iPhone launching this year, as the company wants to finally provide its customers with truly fast fast-charging.

According to an investor note issued by Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang and obtained by AI, the Cupertino-based tech giant is currently exploring its options to make this possible on the new models arriving in September.

And as it turns out, these options include working with other suppliers building fast charging modules to match the performance of Android phones.

Specifically, what Apple plans to do is replace the existing 5-volt 2-amp modules with 9-vol… (read more)

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