InterPlanetary Storm: Cross-platform P2P botnet infects computers and IoT devices

IoT botnets have come a long way since Mirai showed its devastating potential in 2016 with distributed denial-of-server attacks that exceeded in strength anything seen before then. Myriad malware programs now infect poorly secured or vulnerable routers, IP cameras, DVR recorders and pretty much any type of embedded device that runs some kind of Linux-based operating system.

The past two years, however, have seen the rise of hybrid botnets written in cross-platform programming languages and capable of targeting both embedded Linux devices as well as Android smartphones and traditional computers running Windows or macOS. Such is the case of InterPlanetary Storm (IPStorm), a botnet that has been around since early 2019 and is currently made up of around 13,500 infected machines from 84 countries.

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