Intel Says a Foldable Laptop Could Be Here in Two Years

Intel is looking at foldable screen technology, and the company thinks that we might be just a couple of years away from seeing something on the market.

Folding a screen could have been considered pure science fiction just a couple of decades ago, but slowly it’s starting to show up in various ways. For now, this type of technology was usually demonstrated during some expos and then it was gone.

Rumors about a foldable Samsung phone have been floating around for years, and then we finally got something. It turns out that folding your phone day in and day out is not such a great idea after all, and some users reported that the new Samsung phones were breaking after just a couple of days.

A couple of years is a lot of time

Technology time is just like dog years. A lot of stuff can happen in a couple of years, including the Intel arriving to the realization that a foldable laptop is actually unachievable and it’s not worth investing it.

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