Instead of Hazard Pay, Spectrum Offered a $25 Gift Card To Technicians Who Enter Homes Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Amber Jamieson writes via BuzzFeed News: Spectrum technicians connecting cable and internet for customers during the coronavirus outbreak will receive a $25 gift card for a local restaurant as a “token of our appreciation” from management, after staff called for hazard pay and protective equipment. “These gift cards never expire, so if you choose a restaurant that is currently not open, the card will remain valid for future use,” read the Monday night internal staff email from Tom Adams, the executive vice president of field operations. “Please take some time out of your busy day to enjoy a meal and recharge.”

Field technicians told BuzzFeed News on Monday night they feared going into people’s homes during the pandemic to fix their internet and cable without gloves, a mask, or hand sanitizer in case they got sick or carried the virus to other customers or loved ones. On Monday night, the company announced it was offering a $25 weekly gift card as a thank you — an initiative that left many workers who spoke with BuzzFeed News unsatisfied. “Would you do it for $25?” asked a field technician from Irwindale, California, who asked to remain anonymous, along with the other technicians quoted in this story, to protect his employment. He called Spectrum management “vultures.”

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