Instagram Used as Marketplace to Sell Stolen Fortnite Accounts and Botnets

Bad actors use Instagram, Facebook’s photo and video-sharing platform, as a one-stop shop offering access to botnets and stolen Fortnite and Spotify accounts according to a report from Motherboard’s Joseph Cox.

Instagram wouldn’t be the first place one would consider to buy a stolen account or to rent a botnet for some quick distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, but cybercrooks made it their new home given that there’s less content moderation when compared with other social networks.

Another reason would be that not everyone who wants to buy their stolen virtual goods is knowledgeable enough to reach them on the dark web.

Cox found some Instagram users advertising both stolen accounts for games and online services such as Fortnite and Spotify, and access to botnets which their sellers promote as being powered by IoT device… (read more)

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