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Inside Unilever’s open, spacious co-working space

Informal chats in the community areas? It’s possible. Image credit: Level3.

Corporates have stopped seeing startups or SMEs as food. They are becoming gentler giants cradling diamonds in the rough. 68 out of 100 top companies from the Forbes Global 500 are now engaging with startups in some way.

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, believes that startups can offer wonderful opportunities for innovation as consumer behavior evolves. “Traditional companies need to look at changes over a five- to 10-year period. If you don’t implement these things now in six to 12 months, you’re probably toast,” he said.

Unilever wants to accelerate its transformation by engaging with startups to inspire experimentation within the business and contribute to the growth of Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem.

Unilever is just upstairs. Level3 is a co-working and event space. Key partners of the Level3 community include UP Singapore, Singularity University Singapore chapter, Female Founders, Startup Asia Women, La French Tech SG, and NTUC’s U Future Leaders. Image credit: Level3.

Taking co-working to the next level

An emerging way for corporates hoping to work with startups is through co-working spaces. This “innovation springboard” model brings corporates, startups, and entrepreneurs from all around the world together for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Meeting rooms are available for discussions and events. Image credit: Level3.

Rooms are also available to host small team brainstorms, board meetings, and community events. Image credit: Level3.

Casual areas are balanced with workspaces to suit every startup requirement at Level3. Image credit: Level3.

Unilever Foundry, the company’s global platform to connect startups with Unilever’s brands, has collaborated with innovation catalyst Padang & Co, to create Level3, a workspace where startups can find business opportunities and like-minded business partners in Unilever and other ecosystem partners to scale in the region.

Polman sees this as a great way for Unilever to work with startups and include them in its value chain.

Level3 hosts regular curated events for its members and the ecosystem. Here is a specialized lunchtime talk for Level3 as well as Unilever staff by the team from Connected Life. Image credit: Level3.

Community drinks at Level3. Image credits: Level3.

Power of Proximity

Connected to Unilever’s regional headquarters, Level3 is the first of its kind in corporate innovation. The physical proximity between Unilever and startups allows for easy exchange of expertise and insights.

“To me, I think it’s about how to make the best out of corporate innovation. When corporates and startups meld it’s not perfect. For one, big corporates have more bureaucracy. But a co-working space, because of its proximity, works,” said Gwendolyn Tan, director of strategy and business development at Mashable Asia Pacific, speaking at the launch of Level3.

“The fact that we’re physically close with Unilever is great. I am working directly with Unilever’s supply chain team and we hope that being on the same premises will allow us to work together,” Level3 member from EcoHub, KK Han said.

There is a mix of individual workspaces and collaboration areas. Image credit: Level3.

There are discussion booths just round the corner. Image credit: Level3.

Helping startups be more sustainable

Startups may have a great idea, but lack strength in operations and capital. Traditionally, corporates have provided access to business expertise and money.

“For startups, cash is our oxygen. Finding a way to bridge the gap between cash and business is important to foster collaboration,” Level3 member, Karim Aly, CEO of TaskSpotting, explained.

For instance, EcoHub supports the inclusive growth of farmers and is aligned with Unilever’s mission. The startup collects small farmers’ data to enable track and trace of produce, and create an “institutional framework” to certify farmers and perform checks. Working with Unilever allows them to improve their brand building and supply chain management, and benefits others beyond the co-working space.

Over 16 startups based at Level3 are working with Unilever on a range of projects including data analytics, supply chain, rural activations, content creation, and consumer insights.

A specialized ‘Insights into Unilever’ series for member startups and the community alike to understand more about how Unilever operates and what startups can gain from working with one of the world’s largest advertisers. Image credit: Level3.

Co-creating use cases backed by revenue is one key way to help startups succeed. Corporate partnerships cannot just be about funding. They need to be built as a partnership that will not just ensure the success of the project, but the long-term sustainability of the startup.

To provide more support, the Unilever Foundry Mentorship Programme was launched in July. Over half of Level3’s startups are now connected to a Unilever mentor.

Tech skills event series with developer workshops are hosted by Google Developer Group (GDG) on chatbots, machine learning, deep learning, IoT, Kotlin, and more. Image credit: Level3.

A social event taking place at Level3. Image credit: Level3.

Tapping into startups’ prescient power

The power of startups is not just in their technology, but in what they know and how they share these insights to corporates. “The critical part is being able to synthesize learning from startups and communicate these [to corporate partners],” said GetCraft’s
Patrick Searle, adding that startups need to take the lead in spreading their insights.

“Corporates used to only want to collaborate with big startups. But now corporates want to talk to early-stage companies that might not even necessarily have a product,” Serguei Netessine, Timken Chaired Professor of global technology and innovation at INSEAD said at the Level3 launch.

About Level3
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