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Infinity War’ Blu-ray wields another hilarious blooper reel


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“We need to destroy the—oh, fuck you, Ruffalo.” 

Even if you’re not typically a sucker for exclusive bonus content, this super gag reel clip could have you sprinting to the nearest Best Buy. Avengers: Infinity War‘s 4K UHD Blu-ray edition features behind-the-scenes giggles with your favorite superheroes. And Vision has never been funnier.

This is the second clip of the Infinity War gag reel released. The first featured Chris Pratt juggling, amongst other shenanigans.

It may be $22.99, but those screaming goats make the Blu-ray seem kinda worth it. And, of course, you could always spring for the more costly SteelBook version. But that’s gotta be your call.

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