Independent reviewers offer 80 suggestions to make Starliner safer

Enlarge / The Boeing Starliner spacecraft is back home at the company’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility after its December test flight. (credit: NASA)

Following the failed test flight of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft in December, NASA on Monday released the findings of an investigation into the root causes of the launch’s failure and the culture that led to them.

Over the course of its review, an independent team identified 80 “recommendations” for NASA and Boeing to address before the Starliner spacecraft launches again. In addition to calling for better oversight and documentation, these recommendations stress the need for greater hardware and software integration testing. Notably, the review team called for an end-to-end test prior to each flight using the maximum amount of flight hardware available.

This is significant, because before the December test flight, Boeing did not run an integrated software test that encompassed the roughly 48-hour period from launch through docking to the station. Instead, Boeing broke the test into chunks. The first chunk ran from launch through the point at which Starliner separated from the second stage of the Atlas V booster.

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