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In weird career move, Sean Spicer is now talking about the Oscars on ‘ExtraTV’

Like an unexpected splat of cold, wet snow right to the face in the middle of a long, dark winter, Sean Spicer is back in our lives once more. 

The former Press Secretary for the Trump Administration is back in the public eye as a “special correspondent” for, of all things, the syndicated ExtraTV entertainment news show. 

In a new video posted by ExtraTV on Twitter, a hiking-vested Spicer is seen joshing around with current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan about the Oscars. Why? We have absolutely no idea. 

Spicer discovered that Pompeo likes AC/DC and Toby Keith! He really liked Bohemian Rhapsody! It’s the kind of empty content aunts across America will devour. How could Pompeo screw up negotiations with North Korea? He watched A Star Is Born

Of course, for all its puffery, this short segment, teasing a longer feature set to air on ExtraTV’s Wednesday night episode. Despite it being weird and kinda wrong, it still feels more authentic than, well, any press conference Spicer ever held. 

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the internet has taken notice and is just as confused as you are. 

We’ve reached out to both Spicer and ExtraTV for more details on Spicer’s new role and what more we can expect from him. For now, though, we’ll just stare in amazement in how a middle-aged white man that was terrible at his job continues to fall into new gigs. 

Good luck, Sean. Just stay the hell away from Beyoncé.
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