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In India, Xiaomi is getting close to toppling Samsung

Photo credit: Ian D. Keating.

Samsung, India’s long-standing king of smartphones, is facing its biggest ever threat in the nation of 1.3 billion. A new challenger – in the form of China’s Xiaomi – is growing strongly, and it’s now edging tantalisingly close to toppling Samsung’s statue.

Korea’s Samsung now has 24 percent of India’s smartphone shipments, versus a fast-rising 17 percent from Xiaomi, according to data this week from IDC.

In India, Xiaomi is getting close to toppling Samsung

While Xiaomi has recently been struggling in its native China as shoppers have switched to more premium-looking phones from the likes of Huawei and Oppo, India is a bright spot for the gadget-making startup.

Growth spurt

Xiaomi, which first launched in India mid-2014, is seeing rapid growth whilst Samsung has been largely stagnant for several years.

In India, Xiaomi is getting close to toppling Samsung

Xiaomi’s strong surge comes a few months after Chinese brands hit a new milestone in India, passing a collective 50 percent of the market for the first time.

A few more stats from IDC’s India report for the April to June quarter:

  • Chinese brands stretched their lead further to 54 percent
  • Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 is nation’s most popular model
  • 28 million smartphones and 34 million dumb phones shipped

Xiaomi dishes its own India data:

  • Xiaomi opened its first store in the country in May
  • Plans to open 100 stores in the next two years
  • Stores essential to growing sales in places where people are less familiar with online shopping, which Xiaomi initially relied on for sales
  • Already, Xiaomi sees 20 percent of sales from offline retail
  • Now has two Indian factories

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