If This Is the iPhone 11, I Buy Two of Them Right Here, Right Now – Video

The current iPhone generation isn’t selling very well, and just like customers, Apple is very likely to be looking forward to the next model due in September.

This is because the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to make some significant tweaks on the new iPhones, especially because otherwise, it’s pretty clear that the days when Apple managed to set sales records would be gone.

And while the company itself remains tight-lipped on everything related to a new iPhone, the fanbase out there knows exactly what it should look like.

The concept you see here, and which was created by Gunho Lee and Ran Avni for ConceptsiPhone, is based on an idea that I’ve seen before but which I’m still not sure Apple would use.

The new iPhones use a design inspired from the original iPhone 4, or the iPhone SE if you want a more recent example. At the same time, it bundles changes that would make this alleged iPhone 11 the best … (read more)

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