IDG Contributor Network: Waning or waxing? What’s happening to CIO influence?

The influence of technology across businesses of all industry and size continues to rapidly expand. Can the same be said when it comes to the influence of CIOs who lead tech organizations? Up until 2018, CIO influence had been growing steadily, but then something changed. The 2018 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey found that fewer CIOs were on executive boards. In fact, that number went down a solid 9% from the year prior, underscoring the hard road many CIOs have traveled trying to gain equal footing with other C-level leaders. As the CIO Executive Council wrote in 2018, “…there is still a widely perceived gap between the CIO as a technology officer and other C-level executives as corporate officers.” What’s causing declines in the markers of CIO influence? Should IT leaders be concerned that their once growing influence is waning?

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