IDG Contributor Network: The importance of the business stakeholders meeting

For years, CIOs have shared with me the importance of alignment and transparency, but how well are CIOs doing at creating alignment and transparency for their key stakeholders. This was the question posed recently to the weekly #CIOChat Twitter chat session.

What percentage of stakeholders are satisfied with your IT communications and transparency efforts?

I was honestly surprised with how much answers varied between CIOs. Less positive CIOs insisted that the number would be 0%. They said they are not sure they’ve ever had stakeholders say they were totally satisfied with IT communication and transparency. They felt 33% might say, when asked, “performance didn’t suck.” One CIO summed up their position by saying in their experience very few–less than 1/3–would say communications and transparency efforts were good. CIOs in this group believe the reason for this is that IT organizations are often too focused on things the business doesn’t understand. Even worse, best practice can have CIOs and IT focused on things that offer no immediate business value.

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