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Hypno Cam gives your photos a psychedelic makeover

It’s time to get trippy. 

Hypno Cam, free for both iPhone and Android users,  uses pop music and animated filters for a psychedelic take on your original videos.

Hypno Cam had the potential to be super cheesy, but it’s actually incredibly cool. Give the app access to your camera and microphone to get started. Then either choose a video saved on your phone or shoot one on the spot. 

The app has 14 animated effects and syncs your videos to top tracks from Diplo‘s record label, Mad Decent, including Khalid’s “Young Dumb & Broke,” Darondo’s “Didn’t I,” and Frank Ocean‘s “Good Guy.” Clicking on the song title takes you to iTunes if you want to buy the track.

I gave it a shot and was quite impressed. A video from my college graduation is now set to Post Malone’s “I don’t want to die too young” with a black and white recording filter. I usually hate filters, but I would actually share this video with my friends and family. 

Videos in the app can be any length. You can make them so short that they just look like a still photo, or fit in as much activity as you want. When you’re satisfied, save the edited video to your phone to show others and post to social media. Tagging #hypno in your Instagram post will give you a chance to get featured on the app’s own Instagram page. 

Companies can even get their hands on a Hypno photo booth for events. Guests hop in the booth, choose the filters they want, and the videos are immediately sent to their phones. 

Whether you want to bring the hype to your Instagram or company party, Hypno Cam will give you good vibes. 

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