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Hurricane Irma: A weather geek's live updates


Just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey brought the most extreme rainstorm in U.S. history to the Houston area, another record-setting beast of a storm called Hurricane Irma is bearing down on the U.S., this time hitting Florida. Hurricane Irma has already devastated parts of the Caribbean and northern Leeward Islands, and prompted one of Miami’s largest-ever evacuations.

Hurricane Irma has set numerous records for its intensity and endurance, leaving meteorologists both awestruck and fearful. It remained a Category 5 storm, with winds topping out at 180 miles per hour or greater, for an unprecedented 37 continuous hours. It also ranks as one of the strongest storms ever seen in the Atlantic Ocean. Irma is expected to continue its movement toward Florida as the state braces for landfall, which is expected as soon as Sunday morning. Read more…

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