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Hulu’s new Live TV app hits the app stores

The new app for Hulu’s just-announced live TV service has now hit the app stores. Instead of offering the ability to upgrade to the live TV offering within Hulu’s existing app, the company has instead rolled out a second app, called “Hulu with Live TV.” The app features Hulu’s revamped user interface which is arriving alongside the launch of the live TV service, which could be partly why the company made the decision to release it as a separate product. However, not all Hulu users will be able to experience the new interface at this time, the company says.

While all subscribers to live TV will automatically get the new interface, it hasn’t made its way over to all those who haven’t upgraded. Instead, the new interface will first be available on Xbox One, Apple TV (4th gen.), and Android mobile devices. Hulu Live TV will also work with Chromecast.

The upgraded user interface was specifically designed to combine Hulu’s existing on-demand library and its new live TV content under one roof – blurring the distinct between what’s on now versus what’s available to watch at any time.

The new Live TV app offers a number of personalization tools, including the ability to set up your own user profile, then pick your favorite TV shows, movies and even news channels. And the more you watch, the more Hulu will tailor its recommendations to your interests, the company claims.

In addition, sports fans will be able to track their favorite pro and college teams from leagues including NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, MLS, and NHL in Hulu’s new app, and then choose to record those games live, if they’re in a market where the game is streaming. This is a different way of thinking about TV – instead of having to know the channel to tune into to watch, you just follow your favorites.

The Kids mode will also carry over to the new app, which is where parents will find a curated selection of Hulu’s kid-friendly programming. In this mode, the ability to search or browse the other Hulu content is blocked.

The new Hulu with Live TV app is available now on iOS and Android, in their respective app stores.


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