Huawei’s New Fast Charging System Could Put the iPhone X to Shame

Fast charging has been around for many years already, but Apple has only recently introduced such capabilities on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series launched last fall.

And yet, as I noted when I reviewed the iPhone X, Apple’s new fast charging system is mostly an improvement of the company charging system and not necessarily a fast charging feature per se. It’s still slower than its sibling on Android phones like Samsung’s, and requires an adapter that’s not available in the box when you get a new iPhone.

And while Apple is believed to be working on making its fast charging faster, the other companies aren’t just waiting for Cupertino’s move.

Huawei working on new blazing fast charging

Huawei, which has often positioned itself as an Apple killer, is working on a new fast charging technology that would push things further in terms of performance. So far that… (read more)

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