How to Try Out the New Settings UI in Windows 10 19H1

As a modern replacement of the classic Control Panel, the Settings app in Windows 10 has evolved substantially in the last couple of years, and it’s all because it has become the main place where your system configuration options are located.

With every new OS feature update, Microsoft is moving more menu items from Control Panel to Settings, and this makes total sense. At some point in the future, Control Panel would just go away, so the Settings app will be the one and only way to configure your device.

In order to make Settings provide a more straightforward experience to Windows 10 users, Microsoft is also committed to smaller refinements here and there, and they are all supposed to make the whole process a bit more intuitive, even for beginners.

This is why the Settings app now provides recommendations and suggestions in certain menus, allowing you to discover its new additions and the options that are relevant to you much easier.

Another recent change that … (read more)

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