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How to make sure your snap gets featured on a live story

Try to get your snap on a live story.

Image: lili sams/mashable

Snapchat creates Live Stories during big events happening around the world. And you’ve probably seen the daily live stories in big cities you’ve traveled to.

It seems like everyone else’s snaps are getting picked up and added into the story. But how do you make sure yours makes a live debut? 

Here’s everything you need to know about contributing to Snapchat’s Live Stories. 

Make sure Snapchat is using your location.

Make sure Snapchat is using your location.

Image: molly sequin/mashable

First, you’ll need to make sure your phone’s Location Services is turned on. To check this, go to Settings and scroll down to the list of all your apps. Hit Snapchat, then Location. If the setting is currently toggled to “Never” go in and change it to “While Using the App.” 

Make sure filters are turned on.

Make sure filters are turned on.

Image: molly sequin/mashable

This will give you access to all of the location-based filters on Snapchat — but only if your filters are actually turned on. To make sure you do have access to the filters, go to Settings within the app itself by pulling down on the camera screen. Scroll down to Additional Services and hit Manage. Toggle Filters to on if you’re not currently using them.

Now that these Settings are on, Snapchat knows you’re actually at the event and will let you use location-specific filters. This is what you need to get noticed among the crowd. On top of filters, try using geographic overlays and the time and temperature to give your snaps more context. Recording videos also makes people a lot more interested than just snapping a picture, especially if you or someone else is talking to the audience in the video. 

The key here is to try to make your snap as unique and engaging as possible. 

Choose "Our Story" to send the snap to the live story.

Choose “Our Story” to send the snap to the live story.

Image: molly sequin/mashable

When you’ve curated the perfect snap, here’s how to send it to the live story for Snapchat’s approval. Click the blue arrow button at the bottom of the screen, just like you would do to send any other snap. Instead of choosing “My Story” or one of your friends, hit “Our Story.” Below “Our Story” will be a little modifier, like “New York Story,” so you can tell the difference if there are multiple live stories in your area. Then just hit the send arrow and hope it makes the live story. 

If your story does get picked up, you’ll know right away because of how many people are viewing your snap. Just swipe up from the bottom of your snap under the Our Story section to see everyone that has watched your creation. 

So, good luck being one of the most creative people out there. And stay on the lookout to see if your snap actually goes up on one of Snapchat’s Live Stories.

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