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How this 16th century love triangle anticipated the ‘Disloyal Man’ meme

They say time is circular and the same things keep happening all over again. They’re right.

Take the “Disloyal Man” (or “Guy Looking Back”) meme. 

You’d say it’s just a hilariously corny stock-picture-turned-viral-meme featuring a bizarre love triangle. 

When the meme took internet by storm in late August, the photographer, Barcelona-based Antonio Guillem, confessed he didn’t even know what a meme was until recently. 

So how do you explain the scene’s eerie resemblance with these waxwork figures at Anne Boleyn’s childhood home Hever Castle in Kent?

As eagle-eyed LSE student Jack Shannon noted on Twitter, the trio is basically “Disloyal Man” ante litteram

A disloyal Henry VIII shamelessly glances at another woman passing by — who presumably has a nice butt — while his concerned partner is understandably offended by what’s happened. 

“Whoever made these figures at Hever Castle (Anne Boleyn’s childhood home) was MILES ahead of the internet,” says Shannon. 

Hard to disagree. Who needs the internet anyway? 

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