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How one LA DJ uses smart lighting to enhance his life (Paid Content by Phillips Hue)

Brian Henry’s life is lit. For the last few years, Henry’s pursued and perfected an occupation that many try — and fail — to make their own: Brian Henry is a DJ. Known professionally as DJ B-Hen, the 33-year old Los Angeles native built momentum over the years and has emerged as one of the nation’s most promising young DJs.

Henry’s clients have ranged from nightclubs to talk shows to luxury booze brands, and he’s performed for a roster of celebrities that include the former first lady. But what goes into the business of partying? For B-Hen, it’s all about owning a custom lighting setup that gives him sway over both his live show and household.

Enter: Philips Hue, a revolutionary Smart Lighting setup that gives B-Hen the control he seeks, as well as a multitude of drool-worthy extra features. With someone who cares so deeply about aesthetics, it’s no wonder that this Los Angeles DJ has eagerly embraced the lighting options of Hue. He’s found ways to incorporate it on the road, before bed, and everywhere in between — here’s how he does it. 

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