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Hermit crab wears horrific doll’s head as a shell due to a lack of affordable housing

Hermit crabs are just like us: they need a safe place to hide from terrible humans.

A crab believed to be found in the Pacific’s Pitcairn Islands was recently spotted with a rather unusual shell: a baby doll’s head. Typically, hermit crabs use abandoned sea snail shells as their protective shell.

The crab involved is a coconut crab, one of the larger species of hermit crabs. It’s not too distant from the crappy hermit crabs you used to buy as a kid at PetCo and then immediately regret purchasing.

It is, however, strangely similar to Babyface from Toy Story.

Marine litter is a gnawing problem for the hermit crab community, leading them to make unfortunate fashion choices like this one.

Anyways, my heart goes out to this little dumb crab. Affordable housing is a real problem in the human world too — so much that one man recently rented a box to live in for $400 a month

We feel your pain, crab. Just maybe make better decisions with your fashion. 

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