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Here’s DJI’s tiny new Spark drone

The big news at DJI’s “huge Seize the Moment” event in New York City is, as expected, something small. The world’s largest consumer drone maker cracked the code with last year’s backpack-size, folding prop Mavic Pro drone (soundly thumping former ally GoPro in the process) and now it’s back on the scene a little over six months later with the Spark, a truly portable unit that makes the Mavic long downright massive by comparison.

The usually top secret drone maker didn’t do a particularly good job keeping things under wraps this time out, and honestly, there isn’t much we didn’t see ahead of the event, save, of course, for actually getting to see the damn thing in the air. Leaks showcased the tiny vehicle from pretty much ever angle — fitting, really, for a space that’s been raising serious privacy concerns of late. And they even got the name right.

The notion that this was going to be some kind of racing drone was misguided. Like the Mavic and basically all of the company’s drones, this is very much a photo/video taking device.


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