Here are the top ways people die while taking selfies and “being cool”

Enlarge / Watch your step (credit: Getty | Manuel Sulzer)

Say cheese—and watch out for that jagged cliff behind you.

A group of health researchers in India have tried to tally the death toll from selfie taking, counting 259 deaths worldwide from October 2011 to November 2017. In doing so, they also caught a blurry glimpse of the leading ways in which people perish during dicey photo ops. The top three were drowning, transportation related (mostly being hit by trains), and falling off of things, such as cliff edges.

For their snapshot of fatal photography, the researchers used the somewhat shaky method of simple Google searches, scanning the web for media reports on selfie-related deaths. The researchers—a group from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is a collective of public medical colleges in the country—published their results recently in the obscure India-based Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care.

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