Here Are My Three Must-Have Windows 10 Programs, What Are Yours?

Microsoft has improved Windows 10 in a way that made some third-party programs unnecessary, mostly because the company implemented certain functionality that previously required a different application right in the operating system.

Living proof in this regard is none other than Night light, a feature that enables a blue filter on Windows 10 in order to make the screen easier on the eyes during the night.

Before introducing such functionality, I just couldn’t live without f.lux, a standalone third-party program that had the exact same purpose, but now that this feature is part of the operating system, it makes more sense to just stick with the native solutions.

And Microsoft is trying to do the same thing with more apps, as it wants to provide users with the necessary apps to begin working or doing whatever they want, both offline and online, right after installing the operating system.

Living proof is the Focus Assist feature that blocks notifications, Microsoft… (read more)

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