Help a Mars Rover’s AI Learn to Tell Rocks From Dirt

Slashdot reader shirappu writes: For eight years now, the Mars Rover Curiosity has been exploring the surface of Mars. Even now, it’s still exploring, and still getting upgrades. According to Tech Crunch, NASA is now looking to interested volunteers to help upgrade the rover’s terrain-scanning AI systems by annotating image data of the planet itself.

“The problem is that while there are lots of ready-made data sets of images with faces, cats and cars labeled, there aren’t many of the Martian surface annotated with different terrain types…” notes TechCrunch. “Improvements to the AI might let the rover tell not just where it can drive, but the likelihood of losing traction and other factors that could influence individual wheel placement.”

shirappu continues:

Volunteers go through a short tutorial after which they can label images to help the rover better understand the terrain on which it drives. The system is expected to be used in future planet rover robots, and the project marks an interesting example of open crowd-sourcing to improve machine learning systems, and how it is impacting technology even on other planets.

Click this link for the AI4Mars site link where people can volunteer.

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