Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back DLC – Yay or Nay

Try to bring back Trotsky as the leader of Russia. Find out whether a Habsburg king can save Poland from its fate. Try to build a German fleet of fast, mass-produced tanks with solid reliability. Put together massive Russian heavy tanks to open up the road to Berlin through Poland.

No Step Back is the newest piece of downloadable content for Hearts of Iron IV, the World War II focused grand strategy experience from Paradox Interactive. The biggest two changes in the new entry are a new supply system that should bring realism to all fronts and a rework of the USSR, one of the most important powers of the period.

Players can try to bring back a Tsar to rule Russia. Or maybe make someone other than Stalin the leader of the Communists. It involves careful use of focuses, decisions and a civil war, but it can be done. Just make sure that you don’t trigger Stalin’s paranoia.

Poland and the three Baltic republics also have bespoke focus trees, filled with alternate histo… (read more)

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