Hacking skills on display at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress

If you have some time on your hands, you should really dig into the presentations given at 35th Chaos Communication Congress (35C3), as there is likely something to be found for your particular security or privacy interests. The following roundup of 35C3 presentations are just a drop in the proverbial bucket compared with the amount of talks given.

Facebook tracks Android app users even if they don’t have a Facebook account

Privacy International gave a presentation (report) explaining how Facebook infuriatingly tracks people via mainstream Android apps whether or not you even have a Facebook account (video). It doesn’t matter if you went out of your way to not ever be sucked into Facebook or if you had an account but later quit the social network; Facebook is still collecting your data and tracking “users, non-users and logged-out users outside its platform through Facebook Business Tools.”

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