Hacker Gets 17 Years in Jail for Cyberstalking Female Housemate, Bomb Threats

A Newton, Massachusetts man was sentenced to 210 months behind bars after pleading guilty for multiple counts of cyberstalking a former female housemate, computer hacking, aggravated identity theft, and hoax bomb threats, among others.

Ryan S. Lin, 25, engaged in a cyberstalking campaign against a 25-year old former female housemate between May 2016 through Oct. 5, 2017, hacking into her online accounts and stealing personally identifiable information, as well as private information such as photos, diary entries, medical details, and more.

The stolen data was subsequently distributed by Lin to hundreds of people in her circle of friends and her family members, co-workers, and other unknown third parties.

Lin also created fake online profiles in his victim’s name posting fraudulent sexual solicitations in her name, drawing multiple men to her home. Moreover, the crook also sent large numbers of text messages and hoaxes to his target.

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