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Greg Mark talks about the future of 3D printing

In this episode of Technotopia I talk to Greg Mark, founder of Markforged. Mark recently made news with his new metal printing technology that heats metallic objects in a microwave, reducing the time it takes to make metal parts by hours. He believes that 3D printing is the future, but not in the low-quality, stringy, and plasticky way we expect.

Mark said that rapid prototyping has gotten easier and better. Once you had to build a mold to make one prototype. Now, with metal printing technology, you can make one to one-thousand prototypes. The only times you’d ever need to use old manufacturing processes is when you need to produce a million objects, not mere thousands.

This means that it will soon be far easier to experiment and product short-run products. Factories will have to change as well when it makes no real sense to charge thousands to print a few dozen prototypes.

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