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Gospel singers offer musical comfort to Harvey shelter residents

Amidst news of Tropical Storm Harvey’s wide-reaching, catastrophic impact on much of the southwestern U.S., the people of Texas are offering comfort to one another in whatever ways they’re able. 

In just under 24 hours, this clip of a gospel performance inside the Lone Star Convention and Expo Center north of Houston has been viewed more than 8.2 million times. 

The center currently serves as a shelter for Harvey evacuees.

Per the Daily Mail, Joni Villemez-Comeaux notes that the singer at the center of this viral performance is Victoria White, an admissions counselor at a local college.  

On Tuesday, White streamed live video of the group’s 25-minute performance to Facebook. That stream has since been viewed more than 444,000 times. 

In the hours since Villemez-Comeaux’s video went viral, White writes she’s been inundated with friend requests, comments, and messages of support. She shared her thoughts in a post to Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Y’all, THE GOSPEL IS GOING VIRAL!!! This blows me AWAY (and that’s no easy task)! I had no idea this was being recorded, but God had a plan! Not only did He want to Love on those gathered in Lonestar Expo Center who suffered loss at the hands of Hurricane Harvey, but He wanted to love on people across the world who were dealing with their own personal storms!!!

But while White writes that she feels “blessed by this outpouring of love and support,” she urged her followers to concentrate on disaster relief efforts.

Let God’s love and the people devastated by this tragedy continue to be the highlight of this video! Get out and SERVE if you can! If you’re in the Houston area and you can get out…..GO SERVE those who were impacted the most by this storm! If you’re in California, or New York, the Carolinas or Alabama – there is SOMEONE in your community, in your state, in the world who needs something you have…..GO SERVE!!! Let this video be a reminder that you can use whatever gifts and resources, big or small, to bless someone else!

Read White’s full post, below:

[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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