Google Trashes iPhone XS Camera in Pixel 3 Night Sight Comparison

The Night Sight camera mode that launched on the Google Pixel 3 and which then expanded to previous Pixels too has already been praised by pretty much everyone in the industry for the surprisingly good shots in super-low light.

And yet, Google doesn’t see any reason to stop here, so the company took to Twitter not only to praise the Pixel 3 with Night Sight, but to also take a jab at one of its biggest rivals: the iPhone.

In a comparison photo published by Marvin Chow, VP Product Marketing at Google, the Google Pixel 3 is put against what the search giant calls “Phone X.”

While the ad may suggest this is a generic product, a small reference in the lower left corner shows the device in question is an iPhone XS, the latest and greatest from long-time rival Apple.

Needless to say, there’s no doubt that regardless of phone model, the Google Pixel 3 is impossible to beat in complete darkness, a… (read more)

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