Google Maps To Block Users From ‘Virtual Visits’ of Australian Uluru

misnohmer writes: In 2019, the Australian site of Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, has been closed to tourists “after the Anangu people said it was being trashed by visitors eroding its surface, dropping rubbish and polluting nearby waterholes,” according to CNN. Parks Australia has now has asked Google to remove all imagery of the site uploaded by the community, as per the wishes of the Uluru’s owners — the Anangu Aboriginal people. Google agreed. “Google is “supportive of this request and is in the process of removing the content,” Parks Australia said in a statement. “Parks Australia alerted Google Australia to the user-generated images from the Uluru summit that have been posted on their mapping platform and requested that the content be removed in accordance with the wishes of Anangu, Uluru’s traditional owners, and the national park’s Film and Photography Guidelines,” the statement added.

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