Google Fiber expands again thanks to one city’s open-access network

Enlarge / Illustration of fiber-optic cables. (credit: Getty Images | Tetra Images)

Google Fiber’s wireline broadband is expanding to a new city for the first time in several years as part of a public-private partnership to build an open-access network that any ISP can use to offer service. The new network will be in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Google Fiber “paused” plans to expand to new cities in October 2016 amid lawsuits filed by incumbent ISPs and construction problems that eventually led to the Alphabet-owned ISP’s complete exit from Louisville. But in West Des Moines, Google Fiber will rely on the city to build a network of fiber conduits.

“Municipalities like West Des Moines excel at building and maintaining infrastructure. At digging and laying pipes under the roads, restoring and preserving the sidewalks and green spaces, reducing traffic congestion, and lowering construction disruption,” Google Fiber said in an announcement yesterday.

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