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Go-Jek spins out medicine delivery to separate app, continues unbundling

A man waiting for an eye operation. Photo credit Seika.

Go-Jek, Indonesia’s first unicorn startup, continues unbundling some of its array of on-demand services into separate apps.

After spinning out things like massages and house cleaning as Go-Life, Go-Jek’s main app just said goodbye to medicine delivery service Go-Med. It’s maturing into an ecosystem of partner apps, instead of trying to be “one app for everything.”

HaloDoc investment is bearing fruit

Unlike Go-Life, which Go-Jek manages directly, the Go-Med service will from now on be handled by HaloDoc, a healthtech startup affiliated with pharma conglomerate Mensa Group.

Go-Jek invested in HaloDoc last year, in addition to some acquisitions in the healthcare sector.

Now Go-Jek redirects its Go-Med users directly to HaloDoc. At the same time, the healthcare app revamped its design and user experience.


If you click on the Go-Med service from within the Go-Jek app, you’ll be asked to download HaloDoc. Once it’s installed, clicking Go-Med automatically launches HaloDoc.

The main improvement to HaloDoc is the speed with which you can have meds delivered. It used to take on average 44 minutes for an order to be picked up, but now this can be handled within 30 seconds.

According to HaloDoc CEO Jonathan Sudharta, this is because of better integration of the app with its partner pharmacies.

“Earlier, each order that came in had to be sent as an offer to the pharmacies. They then had to respond and after that, the user had to confirm the order before it would be sent,” Sudharta explained the process.

After the app’s full integration with a pharmacy’s inventory, the app can immediately identify the nearest pharmacy that has what you need.

“We took this concept from our investor, Go-Jek.”

Partner app ecosystem

Neither Go-Life nor HaloDoc support Go-Jek’s digital wallet, Go-Pay yet. For HaloDoc, it’s on the horizon, says Sudharta.

It’s easy to see where Go-Jek is going: an ecosystem of partner apps that let users pay for goods and services with Go-Pay credit, tailored to serve specific audiences.

“The spinning out of Go-Life was done because it addresses a different market segment. For Go-Med, it was more due to the fact we want to have a better user experience through the HaloDoc app,” Monica Oudang, chief of human resources at Go-Jek, told Tech in Asia.

With additional reporting by Aditya Hadi Pratama.

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