GM To Leverage Customer Data In New Insurance Business

General Motors has launched a new insurance service that will leverage the data captured through its OnStar connected car service, ultimately helping drivers cash in on lower insurance rates based on safe driving habits. From a report: OnStar Insurance Services has been created to achieve a better understanding of the vehicles GM produces, in order to offer a personalized digital insurance experience for drivers. The service is currently working with its insurance carrier partners to remove biased insurance plans by focusing on factors within the customer’s control, which includes individual vehicle usage and rewarding smart driving habits that benefit road safety.

OnStar Insurance Services plans to provide customers with personalized vehicle care and promote safer driving habits, along with a data-backed analysis of driving behavior. The service plans to build on the learnings of the OnStar Smart Driver feature to provide each policyholder with recommendations for smarter driving habits so customers can drive more safely and potentially earn discounts. The service will start in Arizona and initially offer OnStar Insurance to GM employees in Q4 2020, slowly expanding to additional customers, including the general public, in early 2021.

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