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Get up close and personal with industry experts at TIA Singapore 2017’s Roundtables

If you’re a stranger to Tech in Asia’s Roundtables conference segment, here’s a one sentence pitch: it’s the best time to have your burning questions answered by industry experts. The session is deliberately arranged in an intimate setting to facilitate a deeper level of engagement so that you can exchange ideas with fellow industry players and network with ease.

Following overwhelmingly positive reception when it was first launched at Tech in Asia Bangalore 2016 and subsequently Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 – Roundtables is making its debut at the Singapore conference next week on May 17 & 18. Here is a sneak preview of topics that will be discussed during this wildly popular segment:

Made in Singapore Roundtable (Day 1)

Every startup ecosystem is unique to its host country. When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do. For starters, you can read The Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report 2017, where Singapore has been touted the leader in talent provision. During this Roundtable, find out what’s so unique about the local ecosystem and use that knowledge to your advantage!

Of course, the startup journey is not a bed of roses. Join us in a discussion to share the common difficulties faced by local founders and how you can overcome the challenges to adapt to the ecosystem.

Benjamin Mah, Co-founder & CEO, V-key
Paul Tenny, Founder & CEO, Ematic Solutions
Jake Ooi, Business Lead, CashShield (Moderator)

Investor-CEO Roundtable (Day 1)

Other than utilizing infrastructure in the environment to your business advantage, getting your investor-CEO dynamics right is also a key ingredient for success. Investors and CEOs share a symbiotic-adversarial relationship because each have their own interests to protect. If not handled with care, friction may arise and cause irreparable damage to your working relationship and sources of funding.

In this upcoming Roundtable, trade ideas with fellow industry players on how best to prevent such scenarios and work towards achieving mutually beneficial relations that will help to grow your company in the long term!

Christopher Quek, Managing Partner, Tri-5 Ventures
Simon Wong, CFO, Ematic Solutions
David Sanderson, CEO, Nugit (Moderator)

Diversity Roundtable (Day 1)

Diversity in the workplace is frequently promoted as more of a boon than bane. Yet, stereotypes and gender bias prevail in many industries, resulting in the constraints of a glass ceiling preventing companies from reaping its full benefits.

Therefore, this Roundtable session seeks to discuss the importance of creating a diverse workplace and steps you can take to create a more diverse workplace that benefits all. By recognizing individual strengths, you will be more well-equipped to reconcile different strengths to complement each other and enhance collaborative productivity.

Jackie Yeo, Co-founder, LadyBoss Asia
Lena Goh, CMO, GovTech Singapore
Jenni Risku, Head of Women in Tech SG event (Moderator)

SkillsFuture Roundtable (Day 2)

After establishing a diverse workforce, it is time to strengthen your external competitiveness. Technological changes occur at the speed of light in this digital age, and businesses often play catch-up to adapt to the latest technology.

This is why the unique Singapore ecosystem boasts a government-backed scheme known as ‘SkillsFuture’, providing Singaporeans aged 25 and above financial aid to encourage lifelong learning.

Start planning early through this Roundtable to decide how best you can jump on the ‘SkillsFuture’ bandwagon to ensure that your business and employees stay relevant – especially at a time when we are seeing more reports of AI and robots taking over our jobs in the next decade.

Daryl Neo, Co-founder, DC Frontiers
Oswald Yeo, CEO, Glints
Benjamin Mah, Venture Partner, Venturecraft (Moderator)

Crowdfunding Roundtable (Day 2)

Crowdfunding is an attractive choice for startups seeking funding, because it is a highly convenient way to gain market access and hear real-time feedback from potential customers. Despite glorified success stories circulating on the Internet, there have been equally many cases of failure swept under the rug, resulting in a skewed perspective towards the risks associated with crowdfunding.

To determine whether your business profile is a good fit for crowdfunding, join this Roundtable session and seek advice from industry experts who will provide insights on the do’s and don’ts of crowdfunding and pitfalls to avoid.

Titan Lee, Head of Growth, Tech in Asia
Ashprit Singh Arora, COO, TinyMOS

Catch the Roundtables debut in Singapore!

Now that you have gotten a glimpse of the fruitful discussions to be held during our Roundtable sessions spanning across May 17 & 18, it’s time for you to join the conversation!

Registration for the Roundtables are only open to Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 attendees, and slots are limited to just 25 per session. If you haven’t already blocked out your calendar for this event, hurry purchase your conference passes now to secure a slot and be part of this unforgettable experience.

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