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‘Get Out’ Blu-ray and DVDs are on sale so *get on* that

We’re just gonna cut to the chase: The Oscar-winning flick Get Out lives up to all of its hype and if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to fix that. (And if you’ve already seen it, you probably want to watch it 50 more times.) Good thing it’s been on sale on Amazon all week.

You’re probably aware that this psychological thriller touches on racism and white privilege, but the tantalizing thing about it how oddly subtle some of it is. It’s really no surprise that writer and director Jordan Peele won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars.

Amazon is clearly a fan, too, because they’ve had it on sale this entire week. The DVD version is $10 (it’s usually $19.98) and the Blu-ray version is just $11.98 (usually $22.98.) Paying 10 bucks for an Oscar winner on DVD is pretty insane.

Yes, you could stream the movie on your computer — but seriously, this movie requires the biggest screen possible. The one thing people have said over and over is that you have to see it in theaters. Obviously that’s not an option anymore, but a giant TV with surround sound is way closer to a theatre than your laptop.

Save $10 on Get Out on Amazon here.

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