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Get all the GoPro gear you’ll ever need—for less than twenty bucks

So much stuff.

Image: Erligpowht

GoPros are great, but to really get the most use out of them, you need some accessories—since what’s the point of having a little, go-anywhere action camera without having a ton of different ways to strap it to stuff? 

Well, allow us to solve all of GoPro problems in one fell swoop. Erligpowht is offering a combo kit with 40 GoPro accessories, all for about twelve bucks. 

It’s got a head strap, a wrist strap, a chest strap, a helmet strap, a suction cup to stick on your car windshield, a bicycle mount… basically, just all the straps. 

The kit also comes with a variety of adhesives (so if you get sick of strapping your GoPro, you can stick it on something) and a pouch to carry it all in. 

And, as we mentioned, right now the kit is on sale for $12.99

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