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Game of Thrones-named train stations could be coming to Melbourne

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While there are no trains to speak of in Westeros, Melburnians plan to make their daily commute from Winterfell nonetheless.

Melbourne’s railway authority Melbourne Metro has invited the public to suggest names for five new Metro Tunnel stations across the city. More than 10,000 suggestions were made in the first 48 hours, with numerous Game of Thrones references amongst the most pitched. 

Winterfell is the most popular Game of Thrones-inspired station suggestion, according to Melbourne Metro, and has been nominated for every station except Domain — the southern-most outpost. No true Northerner would dare call this Winterfell.

“Appropriately, many people want to become ‘King of CBD North’ by nominating that station as Winterfell,” Melbourne Metro’s media team said.

Artist's rendition of potential future Melbourne station.

Artist’s rendition of potential future Melbourne station.

Other Game of Thrones suggestions for Melbourne stations include Highgarden, King’s Landing and The Eyrie. 

“Most fans have stayed faithful to Westerosi geography and nominated the names King’s Landing and Dorne for the new underground station at Domain,” the Melbourne Metro team says.

Folks have until Oct. 22 to submit their nominated names via Melbourne Metro’s website. A (poor, poor, pizza delivery-deserving) advisory panel will assess the thousands of suggestions, then send a raven with a shortlist of names to the Victorian Government.

Other suggested names include the inevitable Station McStationface and Australian patriot Blinky Bill. Both good, sure. But Winterfell Station? Huge.

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